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Kong, Albert

Albert Kong

Albert Kong

Distinguished Professor, SFHEA

D.Phil., University of Oxford, U.K. (2000)

Office: +886-3-574-2619 (Room 512)

Lab: +886-3-574-2619

Fax: +886-3-574-2499

Email: akong @ phys.nthu.edu.tw



2020                Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy, UK
2020                Outstanding Teaching Award, Tsing Hua College, NTHU
2018                Elected Fellow, The Physical Society of Taiwan
2017 – 2022    Rising Star Program, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
2015                Outstanding Research Award, Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan
2013                Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Research Investigators

Research Interests

My research group has a wide range of research interests with a focus on multi-wavelength (from GHz to GeV) investigation of the physics of compact objects using space-based and ground-based telescopes (e.g., Yap et al. 2019, A&A, 621, L9; Kong et al. 2017, ApJ, 839, 130; Kong et al. 2014, ApJ, 794, L22; Li et al. 2014, ApJ, 797, 111). More recently, we are working on gravitational wave astrophysics and I am leading Taiwan to participate the KAGRA collaboration, an underground gravitational wave observatory led by Japan (KAGRA Collaboration, 2019, Nature Astronomy, 3, 35). Because of this, we have been participating in data analysis activities involving GRBs and FRBs in the LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA collaboration. We are also working in multi-wavelength follow-up observations of gravitational wave events (e.g., Anand et al. 2020, Nature Astronomy; Andreoni et al. 2020, ApJ, 890, 131; Coughlin et al. 2019, ApJ, 885, L19; Lin et al. 2019, JHEAp, 21, 1) and neutrino events (Stein et al. 2021, Nature Astronomy) using the Zwicky Transient Facility and observing facilities in Taiwan. My group is currently collaborating with the University of Glasgow in multi-messenger studies of GRBs and kilonovae.

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