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招生相關表格/ Admission-related Forms
修業相關表格/ Curriculum-related Forms 
  • 以下表格請連結至物理系「學生事務/課程資訊與修業規定/相關表格下載」中下載/ Please find the links to download the following forms on the Physics Department's "Student/ Forms" page.
  • 研究生助教工作分配及支付助學金辦法/ Regulations on the Assignment of Graduate Teaching Assistantships and the Payment of Scholarships
  • 助教工作志願表/ TA Application Form
  • 學生申請免修、免擋、承認學分處理原則/ Principles for Course Exemption, Waiver, and Credit Recognition
以下表格請連結至註冊組「碩博士畢業」頁面下載/ Please find the links to download the following forms on Division of Registration's "Graduation for Master's and Ph.D." webpage
  • 研究生畢業須知/ Graduation Guidelines
  • 論文推薦書、審定書、口試評分單/ Thesis Recommendation Letter, Approval Form, and Oral Examination Score Sheet
  • 口試委員聘函/ Invitation Letter to Oral Examination Committee Members
  • 聘函套印表格/ Committee Invitation Letter Printing Form
  • 學位考試委員名冊/ List of Dissertation Examination Committee Members
研究助理相關表格/ Forms Related to Research Assistantship 
差旅相關表格/ Travel-related Forms
因應COVID-19差旅相關表格/ Travel-related Forms in Response to COVID-19