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The Institute offers comprehensive fundamental graduate courses and a variety of optional courses on different topics, which include Stellar Astrophysics, Galactic Astronomy, Astrophysical Radiative Processes, Interstellar Medium, Cosmology, Radio Astronomy, High Energy Astrophysics, Observational Astronomy, etc. The Institute also offers, in the Department of Physics, undergraduate courses such as General Astronomy, Basic Astronomical Observation, Introduction to Astrophysics, etc, to form a set of undergraduate astronomy curriculum.

Please visit the curriculum website of NTHU for courses offered currently and past.

All courses are conducted in English.


Course ID Name English name Credit
ASTR5100 恒星天文物理學 Stellar Astrophysics 3
ASTR5300 星系天文學 Galactic Astronomy 3
ASTR5500 恆星形成 Star Formation 3
ASTR5910 專題討論一 Colloquium (I) 1
ASTR5920 專題討論二 Colloquium (II) 1
ASTR6006 天文文獻研討 Literature Review of Astronomy Research 3
ASTR6007 天文物理的前沿一 Frontier of Astrophysics Seminars I 1
ASTR6100 天文觀測 Observational Astronomy 3
ASTR6200 天文輻射物理 Astrophysical Radiative Processes 3
ASTR6300 電波天文學 Radio Astronomy 3
ASTR6350 高能天文物理 High Energy Astrophysics 3
ASTR6400 宇宙論 Cosmology 3
ASTR6500 星際介質 Interstellar Medium 3
ASTR6600 計算天文物理 Computational Astrophysics 3
ASTR6700 電漿天文物理與磁流體動力學 Plasma Astrophysics and Magnetohydrodynamics 3
ASTR6910 論文 Thesis 2
ASTR6920 論文 Thesis 2
ASTR9920 論文研究 Thesis 0