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2021-10-22 Abstract

Title:  YSO Variability and Episodic Accretion
Speaker:  Jeong-Eun Lee
Date: Oct 22 at 14:30
Location: R124, Physics Building
Variability in young stellar objects (YSOs) can be caused by various time-dependent phenomena associated with star formation, including accretion rates, geometric changes in the circumstellar disks, stochastic hydromagnetic interactions between stellar surfaces and inner disk edges, reconnections within the stellar magnetosphere, and hot/cold spots on stellar surfaces. Among these YSO variability phenomena, bursts of accretion, which are the most remarkable variability, usually occur sporadically, making it challenging to catch the bursting moments observationally. However, the burst accretion process significantly affects the chemical conditions of the disk and envelope of a YSO, which can be used as a prominent tracer of episodic accretion. I will introduce our ensemble studies of YSO variability at mid-IR and submillimeter and also cover the ALMA observations of several YSOs in the burst accretion phase, especially in the view of chemistry.
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