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2011-11-18 Development of a fully depleted CCD camera "NCUcam-1"

Title: Development of a fully depleted CCD camera "NCUcam-1"

Speaker: Prof. Daisuke Kinoshita (Graduate Institute of Astronomy, NCU)

Time: 13:30, Friday, November 18, 2011

Location: Room 620, Physics Building, NTHU


Development of a fully depleted CCD camera "NCUcam-1"

Kinoshita Daisuke, Wu Ching-Huang, and instrumentation team at NCU

We have been developing a visible 4-color simultaneous imager for a first generation instrument for 2-m telescope which is being built at Lulin observatory. A CCD camera "NCUcam-1" is one of unit cameras for this instrument. NCUcam-1 is equipped with a fully depleted CCD, a new type of CCD chip with very thick depletion layer, to enhance the sensitivity at longer wavelength. We have achieved the first light of NCUcam-1 with 1-m telescope at Lulin observatory in July. Although further fine tunings of readout modes and voltage setting are needed, NCUcam-1 successfully obtained images of night sky. We report purpose, concept, design, and performance of the camera. We also briefly report the laboratory space and the management of the team.

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