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2024-05-24 Abstract

Title: Stellar Fireworks: A Closer Look at Pulsar Wind Nebulae

Speaker: Prof. Ruolan Jin (NTTU)
Date: May 24 at 12:00
Location: R521, General Building II
Pulsar Wind Nebulae (PWNe) form due to the collision between the high-energy wind emitted by a pulsar and the surrounding medium. This collision generates a complex structure that emits radiation across a broad spectrum, ranging from radio waves to gamma rays. PWNe serve as unique and accessible laboratories, allowing for detailed observations of the intricate interactions between relativistic particles and magnetic fields in extreme environments. Understanding the origin, evolution, and observed features of PWNe is crucial, given their role as significant sources of cosmic rays and potential contributors to the excess positrons detected near Earth. By examining multi-wavelength observations, this presentation will provide a brief overview of PWNe and a closer exploration of these phenomena through recent studies focused on two specific PWNe examples. This approach aims to shed light on the complex dynamics of pulsar wind nebulae and their implications for broader astrophysical phenomena.
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