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2024-05-22 Abstract

Title: From pebbles to planets: planetesimal formation and pebble accretion

Speaker: Prof. Chao-Chin Yang (U. Alabama)
Date: May 22 at 12:00
Location: R521, General Building II
Even though thousands of extrasolar planetary systems have been detected, a comprehensive picture of how planets are formed from their natal protoplanetary disks remains to be drawn.  I will review our current understanding of the dust-gas dynamics in protoplanetary disks and its consequences on the formation of planets via the core accretion scenario.  Specifically, I will examine how and under what conditions cm-/mm-sized dust pebbles can actively concentrate themselves to high density for km-scale planetesimals to form, the initial mass function of planetesimals, and how pebble accretion assists planet formation, along with some supporting observational evidence.
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