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2024-05-03 Abstract

Title: Anisotropic gravitational wave background map making with maximum entropy method

Speaker: Prof. Guo Chin Liou (TKU)
Date: May 3 at 14:30
Location: R521, General Building II
The gravitational-wave background can be anisotropic due to the non-uniform distribution sources in the local universe. Consequently, an all-sky map of gravitational-wave background opens a new window to understand our universe. Here we utilize the well-known map-making algorithm, the maximum entropy method, on anisotropic gravitational-wave background analysis. Using numerical simulation, we study the quality of reconstruction as a function of the regularization constant and the strength of the model. Our findings suggest that the deconvolution process is relatively accurate when the regularization constant is determined in a fully Bayesian manner and the reconstruction quality is insensitive to the selection of strength of the model.
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