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2022-11-25 Abstract

Title:  Fluorescent Iron Lines in Various Types of Radio-Loud Active Galactic Nuclei
Speaker:  Karthik Balasubramaniam
Date: November 25 at 14:30
Location: R124, Physics Building
The X-ray radiation emitted by the accreting matter in Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) is widely believed to originate close to, or even very close to, the central supermassive black hole. In this talk, I present the results of the X-ray radiative output of three radio-loud AGN of various types, focusing, in particular, on their Fe fluorescence emission. The analyzed systems are the broad-line quasar "4C+74.26" with giant large-scale radio morphology, the LINER-type AGN hosted by a post-merger disk galaxy, "CGCG 292-057", with a multi-component radio morphology reflecting the intermittent activity of the central SMBH, and finally, the youngest radio galaxies are known, "1146+596, hosted by an elliptical NGC 3894 with a low-luminosity active nucleus. These objects reveals a prevalent fluorescent iron line emission in various types of radio-loud AGN, including both low- and high-luminosity objects. There is a variety of iron features in the population of jetted AGN, including relativistically broadened lines, ionized lines, and neutral lines with a larger range of equivalent widths. The research I have carried out highlights, in general, the importance of iron fluorescence studies for radio-loud AGN, for which the constraints regarding the innermost structure of AGN, enabled exclusively by the X-ray spectroscopy, can be uniquely complemented by the constraints on the energetics and duty cycle of the systems following from the analysis of their radio (jet) emission.
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