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Harsono, Daniel



Harsono,   Daniel  

Assistant Professor

Leiden University: PhD in Astronomy (2014)

Office: R522, General Building II

Ext: 42679

Email: dharsono @ gapp.nthu.edu.tw

Website: https://danielharsono.wordpress.com


Honor & Experience

  • Leiden University: PhD in Astronomy (Advisor: Ewine van Dishoeck) (2010-2014)
  • Leiden University: MSc in Astronomy (2008-2010)
  •  University of California, Los Angeles: BSc in Astrophysics with a minor in Mathematics (2003-2008)

Research Intrests

My main focus is star formation and the origin of the Solar System. I combine astronomical observations, radiative transfer models, and numerical simulations to understand the formation of a disk around young protostars. This includes the gas and dust composition of the planet-forming disks.

During my time in ALLEGRO, I worked on testing and implementing a user friendly CASA task that includes molecular line excitation and radiative transfer code LIME to produce observables that can be used to predict ALMA observations. I was introduced to chondrules and chondritic meteorites during my time in Heidelberg. Chondrules are small dust grains that are embedded in Solar System meteorites that give hints on the composition of the disk that formed the Solar System. I have used multi-D numerical models to investigate their origin.

More details can be found on the Research page.


Publications: The full list of refereed publications can be found on ADS.

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