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2021 Spring: Astronomy Colloquium

2021 Spring: Astronomy Colloquium

Our regular colloquia are on Fridays at 14:30 in R504, Physics Building. We also have special colloquia on other days.

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Date Speaker
*02/23 at 12:20 Dr. Cheng-Han Hsieh (R501)
02/26 Dr. Ting-Yun (Sunny) Cheng
03/05 Dr. Min-Kai Lin
03/12 Dr. Wei-Hao Wang
03/19 Prof. Yu-Yen Chang
03/26 Prof. Chow-Choong Ngeow
*03/29 at 12:20 Dr. Yong Tian (R501)
*04/01 at 12:20 Dr. He-Feng Hsieh (R501)
04/09 Dr. Sut leng Tam
04/16 Dr. Cristina Romero-Canizales
04/23 Prof. Hiroyuki Hirashita
*04/27 at 10:00 Dr. Jennifer Y. H. Chan
04/30 Midterm Exam
05/07 Dr. Meng-Ru Wu
*05/10 at 12:20 Dr. Asuka Ito (R501)
05/14 Prof. Ya-Lin Wu
05/21 Dr. Jia-Wei Wang (cancelled)
05/28 Dr. Paula Granados (cancelled)
06/04 Prof. Hung-Yi Pu (cancelled)
06/11 Prof. Po-Chieh Yu (cancelled)
06/18 Dr. Yen-Ting Lin (cancelled)

* special colloquia 
(Updated on May. 26, 2021)

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