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2023 Spring Colloquia

2023 Spring: Astronomy Colloquia

Our regular colloquia are on Fridays at 14:30 in R521, General Building II. We also have special colloquia on other days.
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Date Speaker
02/13 Jennifer Y.H. Chan (CITA/U. Toronto)
03/03 Tjonnie Li (KU Leuven)
03/10 Paulo C. C. Freire (MPIfR Bonn)
03/17 Dipak Debnath (IASES)
03/24 Rodrigo Fernandez (University of Alberta)
03/31 Chirdren's Day and Tomb Sweeping
04/07 Arghajit Jana
04/14 TBD
04/21 David Hernandez (Yale)
04/28 Edward Ashton (ASIAA)
05/03 (Wed) Maria Jesus Jimenez Donaire (National Observatory of Spain)
05/12 Maxime Lombart (NTNU)
05/19 ASROC
05/26 Raffaele Rani
06/02 TBD
06/09 Chia-Yu Hu (Universiy of Florida)
06/16 Chien-Ting Chen (NASA)
06/23 Dragon Boat Festival
06/26 (Mon) Hsiao-Wen Chen (University of Chicago)

* special colloquia 
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