2023-06-09 Abstract

Title: Co-evolution of dust and chemistry in resolved galaxy simulations

Speaker:  Chia-Yu Hu (University of Florida)
Date: June 9 at 14:30
Location: R521, General Building II
    The cycle of gas in and around galaxies plays a fundamental role in galaxy formation. However, current cosmological simulations lack the required resolution to faithfully model the feedback processes that are the primary driving force of the gas cycles. Recently, galaxy-scale simulations have started to reach parsec-scale resolution to follow the small-scale physics in the interstellar medium. As our knowledge of the gas cycle comes from multi-wavelength observations, detailed modeling of interstellar chemistry and dust is of fundamental importance. In this talk, I will present recent progress on resolved galaxy-scale simulations of low-metallicity dwarf galaxies coupled with chemistry and dust evolution with sub-parsec resolution. I will demonstrate how dust evolution helps explain the observed CO luminosity and why the observationally derived dust-to-gas ratio might have been underestimated at low metallicity. I will also discuss dust entrainment in galactic outflows as a possible origin of intergalactic dust.