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2012-01-06 Journal Club

Title: Journal Club

Speaker: Students

Time: 13:30, Friday, January 6, 2012

Location: Room 620, Physics Building, NTHU


The Enigmatic Core L1451-mm: A First Hydrostatic Core? Or A Hidden VeLLO? Pineda, J.E. et al., ApJ, 743, 201 (2011)

Rotation, the Equivalence Principle, and the Gravity Probe B Experiment. Ni, W.-T., PRL, 107, 051103 (2011)

Observing Turbulent Fragmentation in simulations: Predictions for CARMA and ALMA. Offner, S.S.R. et al., MNRAS (arXiv:1111.4209)

Star Formation Rates in Molecular Clouds and the Nature of the Extragalactic Scaling Relations Lada, C.J. et al., ApJ (arXiv:1112.4466)

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