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National Tsing Hua University Important Entry/Exit Information for Overseas Students

Given the ongoing pandemic in other countries, non-essential travel abroad should be avoided at present. Furthermore, the self-quarantine measures for people entering Taiwan remain in place, and overseas students entering or exiting the country should pay attention to the rules and risks provided herein.

I. Exit declaration:
All overseas students will be required to complete an exit declaration form when they leave the country. Overseas students should have the form signed and sealed by an advisor or advising professor and the department head before submitting it to the department and the overseas student counseling services to be filed.

II. Home Quarantine and Self-health Management Measures:
Overseas students who are about to enter Taiwan have to make their own arrangements for transport between the airport and hotel, make a reservation at a quarantine hotel, and conduct home quarantine and self-health management. The students should mainly choose quarantine hotels located in Hsinchu City. (The University's student dorms do not serve as quarantine hotels for home quarantine and self-health management.)

III. Overseas students should evaluate carefully the risks or related restrictions of re-entering the country. Those who leave the country should be responsible for the risk of becoming
unable to re-enter according to the latest announcements by the Central Epidemic Command Center.
(I) Overseas students who have applied for student housing will still be responsible for paying the fee.
(II) Overseas students should, before leaving the country, assess their own circumstances to see if they may be eligible for the "COVID-19 Flexible Learning Program".

IV. Overseas students who leave the country without filing an exit declaration form or fail to report a change of flight or entry date after an application is approved and consequently cause harm to safety on campus will face disciplinary action under the university regulations (according to payment provisions under Articles 7 and 8 of the NTHU Student Reward and Punishment Measures).
V. According to the rules of the Ministry of Health and Welfare:
(I) Starting on December 1, 2020, all people entering the Republic of China or boarding a connecting flight in the Republic of China are required to provide a certificate of a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test result issued no more than 3 days prior to boarding.
(II) For overseas residents who are eligible for disease prevention compensation and have collected payments before, starting on March 17, 2020, disease prevention compensation will be canceled for those who go to Level 3 countries or regions on non-essential travel and then enter Taiwan.

VI. Overseas students who obtained permission from the Ministry of Education (MOE) to enter Taiwan shall follow the University's arrangements to undergo a screening test in hospital after completing home quarantine. They should return to the quarantine hotel and wait for the notification of screening result from the University. In light of the impact of the epidemic, the hospital capacity, and the screening test procedure, the time required for screening test and the extra days needed to stay at the quarantine hotel shall be adjusted according to the announcements from the MOE and the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) and actual hospital capacity for screening. Moreover, students have to bear the relevant fees for screening test (including prolonged accommodation fee due to waiting for the test result, screening test fee, registration fee, and transport fees between hospital and hotel), so please prepare sufficient amount of New Taiwan Dollars before coming to Taiwan.

National Tsing Hua University Exit Declaration Form for Overseas Students Part1 Part2
Statement of Self-quarantine in Quarantine Hotels Outside Hsinchu City with Self-arranged Transport and Assistance from Family/Friend in Taiwan

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